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5 Steps To Building An Uncommon Real Estate Career


Let's get you expertly positioned, and mastering your lead generation. In this FREE Masterclass, you'll discover...

✔ A step-by-step game plan that generates QUALIFIED leads organically, even if you are a brand new agent.  

✔ A guide to clearing your mind and your business to make way for the plan thats actually going to produce the results you're looking for.  

✔ Systems to use to "MCDONALDIZE" your business, making it more predictable and easier to manage for your next stage of growth.  

✔ How to say "no" to shiny objects and have the motivation to do so.  

✔ to run a business you love while being 100% completely genuine, non-salesy and become the problem solver that your ideal client is begging to meet!

Hi, my name is Neil.

I’ve been a REALTORⓇ for 17 years now, some of those years doing as much as 94 transactions, without a team or assistant (my first lesson for you: DON'T DO THAT!).

In addition running a successful team in Madison, Wisconsin, I coach agents across the country. I host a top-rated real estate podcast (Agent Rise). I’ve studied, listened to, and observed agent after agent in my years.

Helping real estate agents succeed is what I do. That’s my passion.  

I’ve seen way too many agents come and go in this business. And my heart just breaks for the new or stuck agent who doesn’t make it.  

5 years ago, I began to developed a formula to help new and stuck agents succeed. And today I'm proud to say we have figured it out!

No, it’s not another prospect more, try harder, make more phone calls, script practicing course that most of us can't stand. 

In the process of helping new and stuck agents succeed, here is what I discovered:  

If you have a CLEAR PLAN that is well crafted around YOUR STRENGTHS, and you stay CONSISTENT with that clear plan, YOU WILL SUCCEED!  

I also observed that the agents who didn’t “make it” in the business lacked one thing:  


Why did they lack confidence? Simple. They weren’t working from their strengths; they were trying to fit into a box created by someone else.  

When I started in this business in 2002, I was told I needed to spend 2-3 hours a day cold calling. If I didn’t, I would never succeed.  

So I practiced the scripts. I tried to do what I saw other successful agents doing.  

Guess what? 

It didn’t work for me. I hated pretending to be someone I wasn't. 

I wasn’t playing to my strengths.  

Sure. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone. But this was more than that. It was torture. I couldn’t do it, and, in the end, I felt like a huge failure. 

As result I found myself lacking consistency, and always searching for a new way. I submited to the shiney object syndrom and piled all kinds of distractions onto my business. 

Ever been there?

The good news is there is a better way. I found what worked for me, and now I focus on finding what works for you. 

You'll learn this and more in the 5 Steps To Building An Uncommon Real Estate Career.  

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